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Natalie Grant promo video

Just finished a day of taping some interviews with @NatalieGrant & co-writers @jason_ingram, Reuben Morgan & @stugio (Stu G) concerning “Greatness of Our God“.


Then we taped an interview with co-writers Michael Neale & Krissy Nordhoff of the song “Your Great Name”, of which Natalie will be singing on her new album.

Mike Murray @stuvansweet80, a fellow U.M. alumni, over at Integrity was so nice to bring us in & afford us the opportunity to capture these story behind the songs.  Always a privileged to work with men & women who love the Lord in the beautiful city of Nashville.  ”Greatness of Our God” is currently being released to radio so we’re getting that SBS (story behind the song video) produced ASAP.

stu G Jason Ingram Reuben Morgan

(l to r) Reuben Morgan (Hillsong United), Jason Ingram, Stu G (delirious?)

Natalie Grant Greatness

Natalie Grant (footage frame capture)

The footage turned out beautiful, the Canon 7D really did the job!


It looks like Rachel is hurting Natalie (ha)...sorry...Natalie was just in the middle of a story

Michael Neale Krissy Nordhoff

(l to r) Krissy Nordhoff, Michael Neale (footage frame capture)

Well sorry if these may not be the best pics of ‘behind the scenes’…

Edited July 20, 2010

Sola Gratia,


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